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Richard Costin Physiotherapy

I have been delivering physiotherapy services to the Canberra community for 10+ years, providing assessment, diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of conditions.  

My interests involve treating all musculoskeletal injuries and conditions for people of all ages, applying strong skills in manual therapy and evidenced-based exercise prescription to help you reach your goals.

Initial consultations are 1 hour to ensure a thorough assessment and hearing your story, provide treatment, exercises and an ongoing treatment plan.

Subsequent appointments are 30 minutes.

Manual Therapy

Ranging from joint mobilisations to massage and taping to help modulate pain and improve movement.

Manual therapy
Dry needling Close Up

Dry Needling

Utilises acupuncture needles to target tight tender sites in muscles, or trigger points, to help improve blood flow, decrease muscle tightness and modulate pain.


Exercise with confidence in a heated pool (at the Malkara School), where buoyancy and reduced joint loading can help improve pain, stiffness and swelling. Great for any musculoskeletal injury, post-operative orthopaedic rehab, arthritis and balance problems.

MLS laser treatment

MLS Laser

Treatment with the MLS laser system can help to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, aid soft tissue repair, and support wound healing.

GLA:D Exercise Program

Designed to help the management of hip and knee osteoarthritis, GLA:D is an evidence-based supervised exercise and education program.

Find out more here

GLA:D Australia
Physiotherapy rehabilitation

All your rehabilitation needs

  • Neck and back pain

  • Sports injuries of the hip, knee, ankle and foot

  • Shoulder pain

  • Muscle tears or strains

  • Orthopaedic surgery (e.g. hip and knee replacement)

  • Falls Prevention

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